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The company has received a certificate from the participating agencies both public and private sectors. Due to its commitment to contribute to the community and the nation.

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    Our job is to give full effort in products and service well development with high quality.

- Providing the best quality raw materials to consumers. With standards of good agricultural practices and appropriate (Good Agricultural Practice) or GAP AND GLOBAL GAP. (Ѻͧ੾мԵѳ繢ԧ)
-  Effective process control system under good manufacturing practices and appropriate standards (Good. Manufacturing. Practice) or GMP.
-  Control and protection for consumers. The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Point) or HACCP.
-  Quality control procedures to ensure compliance with environmental policy. In order to preserve and not cost-effective and sustainable use of resources.

            Gold Ginger Thai Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and       distributor of fruits and vegetables such as fresh gingers,       sour tamarinds and sweet tamarinds.
      Gold Ginger Thai Co., Ltd. is the first and only manufacturer
      in Petchaboon province whose high quality products
      receive the standard of GAP (Good Agricultural Practice).

            Gold Ginger Thai Co., Ltd. is the first and only one
       manufacturer in Petchaboon province whose packing
       house was guaranteed by the Agricultural Department of
       Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operative according to        Food Safety project.


              Cold storage which is digital control, is available for
       the manufacturer in order to keep products quality.
       Hence, we are confident that our products are from best
       sorting process, production control, quality service and

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